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Creating a shared vision for French language education


Background: Six years after Ontario’s francophones gained access to school governance, Vision 2020 was designed to meet the province’s educational needs concerning its French-speaking minority. The Ministry of Education, French-language educational institutions, and various partners in education sought to define the challenges they face in delivering quality French-language education and to reflect on the future.


Objective: To establish a dialogue involving the Ministry of Education, education partners, and representatives of the youth generation, to develop a shared vision of French-language education in Ontario, sustained by joint strategies. One outcome of the process will be a participatory Facilitation and Consultation Kit, paving the way to developing Vision 2020’s classroom learning tools.


Target: Primary and secondary education


Timeframe: 2002 – 2007


Who runs it: Ontario Ministry of Education, French-Language Education Policy and Programs Branch


How does it work: The project has been developed through three phases, with an expert panel first discussing the six OECD scenarios in the context of considering governance, cooperative structures for different providers of education, models for HRD, and parent and community participation. The next phase explored links between language planning policy and the scenarios, leading to a third phase involving the “new generation” of stakeholders to identify a seventh or desired scenario, reflecting shared values and allowing for the complexity of the local context.
Due to the inclusive bottom-up approach, it is hoped that a vision with the stakeholders’ ownership for French-language schooling will be obtained and that the project is becoming a significant consultation initiative.


Evaluation: The project report offers an evaluation of the project to-date; the next step is to analyse the consultations of each phase.


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Project report (.pdf):

SfT country report Canada - Vision 2020 - ENGLISH

SfT country report Canada - Vision 2020 - FRENCH


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