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Background: In May 2007, the Canadian Rockies Public Schools' Board of Trustees established the futures planning process, "Inspiring Hearts and Minds." This futures initiative is part of a larger change process, including the 2005 implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLC). PLC is now an embedded process for professional development and improving classroom learning.


Objective: To further direct the creation of the Learning Organisation and twenty-first century approach to education. 


Target: Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS)


Timeframe: 2007 – 2009


Who runs it: Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) and their Futures Planning Group


How does it work: The project is designed to cover two school years. The first year (2007-2008) is divided into the three following phases:

  1. 1: The identification of community values relating to public education
  2. 2: The exploration of education, demographic trends, and driving forces of change in public education programme delivery.
  3. 3: The exploration of future scenarios and identification of key directions to guide CRPS planning.

The second year (2008-2009) is the implementation phase.


Evaluation: The FPG and the process facilitators will informally evaluate the progress throughout the process. At the end of the initiative, there will be a summative evaluation. 


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Project report (.pdf):

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