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Informing the agenda of state reform


Background: With a highly devolved schools management system, the Victorian Government aims to provide all students with a quality school education and a genuine opportunity to succeed. To achieve this, Victoria has undergone major reform with the release of the Blueprint for Government Schools Reform Agenda in 2003, linking across many initiatives.
Priority areas include: Recognising and responding to diverse student needs; building the skills of the education workforce to enhance teaching-learning; continuously improving schools.


Objective: The programme utilises trends and scenarios thinking, together with toolkit prototypes, to engage and assist the education system at all levels (schools, regions, central authorities) in building preferred futures and to inform the further development of the State’s reform agenda.


Target: Primary and secondary education


Timeframe: 2005 – 2006


Who runs it: Department of Education & Training State of Victoria


How does it work: Through a series of workshops, stream 1 exposes as many schools and system leaders as possible to the concepts of futures thinking. Stream 2 follows up with a small number of schools - those accredited as part of the current Performance and Development Culture reform agenda - looking at what future schools will need to belong to the leading-edge, accredited group.


Evaluation: An evaluation team participates in the development of the workshops process and materials.


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