28th Annual Meeting of the Food Crisis Prevention Network



Members of the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA) assessed the regional food and nutrition situation and perspectives, and made recommendations for national, regional and international policy makers. This year’s thematic focus was placed on the topic of “water management and food security”. Participants also took stock of progress made in the application of the Charter for Food Crisis Prevention and Management as well as the creation of new communications tools to strengthen the network’s visibility and impact. Moreover, the RPCA meeting provided the framework for the launching of the Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative – Sahel and West Africa (AGIR). It has been proposed that the 29th meeting of the RPCA network be hosted by the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. This will be confirmed following consultations with the Ivorian authorities.

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Set of Instruments

set of instruments  
Designed to facilitate the application of the Charter for Food Crisis Prevention and Management, the set of instruments aims to encourage a better use of response instruments based on the nature, importance and scope of each food and nutritional crisis. This set of instruments is the result of the analysis and synthesis conducted by an expert panel, under the auspices of the RPCA and facilitated by the SWAC Secretariat.





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