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2nd PIAAC International Conference

Harleem (the Netherlands), 22-24 November 2015

The OECD, in collaboration with the Dutch Ministries of Education, Culture and Science, Social Affairs and Employment, and Economic Affairs, and Maastricht University, is organising the
Second PIAAC International Conference in Haarlem (the Netherlands), on 22-24 November 2015

The purpose of the conference is to present work using data from PIAAC relating to issues such as: the deployment of skills in the economy, returns to education and skills or the influence of workplace training.

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- Read more about the First PIAAC Conference on the importance of skills and how to assess them, 13–15 November 2013, Washington, D.C., United States


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‌This blog aims to share leading analysis related to the skills of the workforce, how skills are used at work, the mismatch between skills and jobs’ requirements, how countries assess and respond to changing skill needs.

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PIAAC Workshop week 26–30 October 2015

The workshop week is a joint workshop with instructors from DPC, Hamburg, and WZB, Berlin, and consists of two consecutive workshops on how to analyse the PIAAC data.. Additionally, the workshops will provide an overview of existing and new data analysis tools and methods. A key aspect will be multilevel analyses with PIAAC. The workshops address Master and PhD students as well as Postdocs, who are interested in working with the PIAAC data and want to expand their methodological knowledge regarding international large-scale assessments and multilevel analyses. Both workshops will be held in English.

Organisers: GESIS, DPC Hamburg and WZB Berlin.
Venue: GESIS, Cologne, Germany.

Webinars, speeches, articles

Literacy for life, by Andreas Schleicher - 14 Apr. 2015
What teachers know and how that compares with college graduates around the world, by Andreas Schleicher - 22 Nov. 2014
Recording of the webinar with Andreas Schleicher - 8 Oct. 2013
Boosting skills essential for tackling joblessness and improving well-being, says OECD, (Press release) - 8 Oct. 2013
Launch of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills, speech by Secretary-General Ángel Gurría - 8 Oct. 2013
From Japan to Italy: Tour OECD's First-Ever National Rankings Of Adult Skills, by Andreas Schleicher - 8 Oct. 2013
Elevar la calidad de la educación, by Andreas Schleicher - 10 Oct. 2013
Skill up or lose out, by Andreas Schleicher - 8 Oct. 2013


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