Scaling up at Country Level (Paris, 11 December 2007)


This Workshop examined three aspects of scaling up from a country perspective: dealing with a growing number of actors; improving the medium-term predictability of aid finance; and linking discussion of medium-term resource provision to national priorities and results, as set out in national development strategies, in order to accelerate progress towards the MDGs. Representatives of emerging economies were invited to attend, in order to encourage their involvement as providers of development co-operation in these country-level processes.


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Towards Better Division of Labour: Concentration and Fragmentation of Aid


Mr. Brian Hammond (OECD/DCD)

Session I Groupe B
Atelier thématique consacré aux enjeux d’un accroissement de l’aide au niveau des pays bénéficiaires

Mr. Mamadou Dankarami (NIGER)

Session I Group B

Lessons from the South African Development Experience and how we apply these in our own assistance to states in fragile situations

International Development Cooperation: National Treasury


Ms. Paula van Dyk (SOUTH AFRICA)



Referenced presentation

Session II
Challenges in medium term expenditure planning arising from incomplete and variable information on future aid flows- Perspectives from Rwanda

Mr. John Rwangombwa (RWANDA ) 

Session III
Resource Predictability and Poverty Reduction Results

Mr. M. Kamugisha (TANZANIA )

Session IV
Graphics on ODA

Mr Debapriya Bhattacharya (BANGLADESH)

Session IV
MDG Africa Initiative and Aid Predictability

 Mr. Brett HOUSE (UNDP)



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