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About the Forum

Every year the OECD Global Forum on Development gathers about 400 representatives of governments from OECD and non-OECD member countries, private sector, academia, foundations and OECD experts.

The general objectives of this forum are to help:

» Advance understanding of global development issues and improve the quality and development impact of OECD products;
» Enable participants to follow key policy issues of current and emerging global relevance, and contribute to policy progress and consensus with non-members;
» Enhance OECD-wide coherence on development- related work, promoting horizontal and multidisciplinary approaches.


Current thematic cycle: Preparing for Post 2015 (2013-15)

The 2013-15 Global Forum on Development cycle provides presents and discusses OECD contributions to the evolving international agenda. In this new cycle of conferences that aim at "preparing for post-2015", the themes of interest have been and will be framed by the following titles:

i. Innovating for development (2014)

ii. Innovative approaches to poverty reduction, social cohesion and well-being (2013)

» Consult the Global Forum on Development 2014

» Consult the Global Forum on Development 2013


Second thematic cycle: Domestic Resource Mobilisation (DRM) for Development (2009-12)

Participants focused on identifying priorities and best practices in making public expenditure more effective and efficient for development. This time, the themes of interest were:

i. Shaping the future OECD strategy on development

ii. Domestic resource mobilisation (DRM): from taxes to spending

iii. Success stories and challenges in DRM, with emphasis on taxation:

  • Fiscal legitimacy and social contract
  • Effectivness of fiscal policy in poverty and inequality reduction
  • Risks for DRM due to aid dependency
  • Tax instruments to increase investment in developing countries.

iv. Enhancing the effectiveness of government expenditures

v. Fiscal stability and fiscal responsibility

vi. Effective public spending: the case of infrastructure

vii. International aspects of taxation - tax heavens, tax avoidance and evasion

» Consult the Global Forum on Development 2012

» Consult the Global Forum on Development 2009-10


First thematic cycle: Options for More Effective Development Finance (2006-08)

Participants worked to identify options for more effective development finance. Four major themes have emerged for discussion:

i. Understanding the present development finance system

ii. Putting ownership into practice

iii. Matching instruments to needs

iv. Reshaping international development finance

» Consult the Global Forum on Development 2006-07

» Consult the Global Forum on Development 2008-09


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