Closing the gap between the actual and the desired level of investments to achieve the SDGs is clearly beyond the reach of governments and public lenders. Only with resolute engagement from the private sector, notably through partnerships with the public sector, can this be addressed. Participants at this year’s OECD Global Forum on Development took stock of existing initiatives to catalyse the power of the private sector in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, explored new avenues of partnerships to mobilise the necessary resources and understand how the OECD can help.

Watch the video below to learn what the next steps are, or watch the complete video of the Forum, to see what high-level representatives from governments, businesses, foundations and international organisations had to say about key policy challenges, notably new financial instruments, the role of small- and medium-sized enterprises, effective public-private dialogue, and the challenges and opportunities of urbanisation.



Read Secretary-General Angel Gurría's remarks at the opening of the Forum

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What are the next steps?:

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The Global Forum on Development will unite high-level representatives from governments, businesses, foundations, international organisations and many more.


Meet the Speakers

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