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You can browse the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook database in English or French sorted by three basic queries:

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User guide for the database

Use our documentation to help you navigate the database.

» Consult the full User Guide for this database (pdf, 40 pages, 1.75 MB)



More information

  • For the commodity markets analysed in the Outlook, detailed supply and use balances are available, as well as domestic and international commodity prices.
  • The database also includes the detailed commodity and trade policy information where this was used in preparing the projections as well as the main underlying trends in key macro-economic variables and population.
  • For OECD members, the data is accompanied by detailed meta-data, where for non-member countries this documentation is still under development.
  • In most cases the data goes back to 1970 and extends to the latest year in the projections.


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