Workshop "2030 Agenda: Partnering with Philanthropy for Impact" - 10 March 2016


This workshop introduced the netFWD-led initiative "Accelerating Impact 2030" and explored avenues for future collaboration.

Download the Agenda of the Workshop
Download the presentations by Clare WoodcraftPeter Shiras and Shuichi Ono

Session 1 dived deeper into Accelerating Impact 2030’s rationale and objectives. It also provided an opportunity to discuss – within a broader audience of foundations, government representatives, development practitioners and experts – its potential to promote effective partnership models and facilitate cross-sector co-operation. 

Session 2.1 discussed specific examples of ongoing multi-stakeholder partnerships at the country level aimed at solving complex development challenges, their potential for accelerating impact towards the SDGs, as well as the opportunity for these efforts to be associated with Accelerating Impact 2030. 

Session 2.2 provided examples of efforts from the public sector to build impact-driven partnerships with philanthropy and ways to link this work with Accelerating Impact 2030.

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