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NetFWD Cross Country Analysis


netFWD Study "Bringing Foundations and Governments Closer, A Cross- Country Analysis"

This report analyses the experiences of India, Kenya, Mexico and Myanmar in implementing the Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement, to bring foundations and governments closer together on a theme of common interest. The report compares the results of surveys carried out in the four countries between 2015 and 2016 to assess engagement between foundations and governments. It also offers recommendations on how to foster higher levels of engagement between governments and foundations.


 NetFWD Mexico case study 2016

netFWD study " Bringing Foundations and Governments Closer, Evidence From Mexico

This case study documents the experience of Mexico in implementing the Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement to facilitate collaboration between foundations and the federal government. It includes an analysis of the current relationships between foundations and the government, and a list of recommendations to strengthen collaboration in the sector of productive projects. The report is also available in Spanish.

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netFWD study "Philanthropy and Youth Empowerment - Foundations' Innovative Approaches to Support Youth"

The study "Philanthropy and Youth Empowerment: Foundations' Innovative Approaches to Support Youth" provides insight into the unique role played by foundations in youth empowerment. On the basis of 11 case studies of foundations that support youth, the study examines some of the more innovative approaches that philanthropic actors are using and their specific value-added compared to efforts from other development actors. The study includes an overview of trends, highlights specific examples of programmes and partnerships, and offers recommendations to foundations and policymakers on how to work together to achieve even greater impact.

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netFWD study "Venture Philanthropy in Development - Dynamics, challenges and lessons in the search for greater impact" | Read the executive summary

This study aims at examining the journey, enabling environment, incentives and drivers that led a number of philanthropic organisations to (re)define their operating model associated with the commonly used term of "venture philanthropy". Building on this analysis, the study explores ways in which these new forms of engagement and models of philanthropy (catalytic/enterprise/venture philanthropy and in some cases, impact investing) are and could be more impactful than "traditional" philanthropy. The study then proposes lessons and recommendations to be drawn from these new forms of engagement, their impact and the way they can influence or help leverage the work of other development stakeholders.



Articles and blogs

Philanthropy brings more than money to solve the world's greatest development challenges, by Bathylle Missika, posted in the Foundation of Luxembourg's Philanthropy Letter- Winter Edition 2017.

The Three Circles of Philanthropy: Taking a tiered approach to achieving the SDGs, by Bathylle Missika, posted November 2016 on the OECD Development Matters blog.

Philanthropies as Game-Changing Players, by Bathylle Missika, posted October 2016 on the SDG Funders, SDG Philanthropy Forum Platform blog.

Venture Philanthropy: Accelerating progress towards the SGDs, by Emilie Romon, posted in September 2016 on the UNDP website.

"The power of partnering with philanthropy", in Development Cooperation Report 2016: The Sustainable Development Goals as Business oppportunities, July 2016, p. 42.

Partnering with philanthropy to optimise a country's resources: Mexico's case, by Emilie Romon, posted in May 2016 as part of the Development Posts series.

More than money: Optimising philanthropy's potential to fast-track development, by Bathylle Missika, posted in September 2015 as part of the Development Posts series.

Philanthropy, digital payments and financial inclusion, by Emilie Romon and Sabrina Sidhu, published in December 2014 by the OECD Observer

Foundations must not be afraid to share successes and failures, by Bathylle Missika, posted in February 2014 on the Guardian website.

Foundations and International Development, by Bathylle Missika, posted in December 2013 on the Philanthropy Impact website.

Empowering youth through digital jobs: How innovative approaches are creating opportunities for disadvantaged youth, by Bathylle Missika and Alessandra Fiedler, posted in November 2013 on the Huffington Post - US edition.

Foundations must change to make a bigger impact, new report says, by David Mills, posted in November 2013 on the Guardian website.

Philanthropy and Official Development Assistance: A Clash of civilisations?, by Michael Green, co-author of "Philanthrocapitalism: how giving can save the world".

Building a Foundation for DIBs: Why Philanthropists Should Get Involved?, by Rita Perakis, posted in October 2013 on the Center for Global Development (CGD) posts.

A Lesson In Astronomy - Why Post 2015 could be an opportunity to rethink the Milky Way, by Bathylle Missika, posted in September 2013 on the WINGS blog.

How to be a coffee bean: a conversation on social impact investment with East African philanthropists, posted in August 2013 by Bathylle Missika on the Alliance Magazine website.

Where do foundations fit within the "Development Galaxy"?, posted in May 2013 by Bathylle Missika on the Alliance Magazine website.

The Philanthropic Sector’s Contribution to Social Cohesion: New Actors, New Approaches… What Results?, by netFWD.



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14 July 2015, Addis Ababa - The OECD Development Centre announces the "Foundations Accelerating Impact 2030" initiative and discusses how to leverage migration, remittances and diaspora during the Third International Conference on Financing for Development

3 October 2012, Paris - Foundations add their voice to the Global Development Debate

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