Accelerating Impact 2030 (AI2030), is an initiative that aims to support foundations in their efforts to engage in multi-stakeholder partnerships to implement the new global development agenda. 

Devising partnerships that are effective and enduring remains a tall order for both foundations and governments. Some netFWD members recognise the power of partnerships, but are not yet engaged in concrete partnering efforts on the ground. They lack entry points to work closer with governments and fear that coordination efforts come at the expense of foundations’ main comparative advantages, such as autonomy, flexibility and appetite for risk and innovation. Other netFWD members are already engaged in multi-stakeholder partnerships and start to take a more critical look at the value proposition of multi-stakeholder coalitions. They put strong emphasis on effectiveness and want to understand the incremental value of working through multi-stakeholder partnership. This pressure to demonstrate results is compounded by the very complexity of measuring partnerships value.

Taking into account those varied needs, the initiative’s deliverables include:

  • Tailored support to build multi-stakeholder consortia: netFWD supports foundations wishing to develop new partnerships related to a specific theme in a country or region or encourage foundations to join an existing consortium on the ground. netFWD helps foundations find entry points to work closer with governments and implement a structured approach to effective partnering.
  • Methodology to capture impact of multi-stakeholder consortia: netFWD supports its members to become better equipped to measure the value of partnerships in meaningful yet practical manner. netFWD is developing a specific methodology to evaluate impact of multi-stakeholder partnerships including foundations. In the second phase of the initiative, this methodology will be used to evaluate a number of existing partnerships build by netFWD members.

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