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 “netFWD is more than a membership body – it’s a vehicle with potential to drive powerful change in our sector”.

STARS Foundation, UK


 “We believe that solutions to such complex [developmental] challenges must involve a mix of actors that involve governments, foundations, civil society and the business sector, interacting in new ways. […] That’s why we are honoured to be part of netFWD”.

The Rockefeller Foundation, USA



What's New?

-- Report "Measuring private development assistance: emerging trends and challenges" by Sarah Hénon

-- Study "Philanthropy and Youth Empowerment - Foundations' Innovative Approaches to Support Youth" | Download the Executive Summary

-- Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement (GEPEs), developed together with UNDP, WINGS, EFC and Stars Foundation, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. The GEPEs are a joint effort to bridge the "communication/collaboration" gap between foundations and governments, as well as other development actors.

-- 25 February NY, USA, Global Launch of the study "Venture Philanthropy in Development"  -  Agenda | Download Executive Summary

-- Article "Philanthropy and Official Development Assistance: A Clash of Civilisations", written by Michael Green for the OECD netFWD’s article series



netFWD members are foundations working in a range of different fields related to development and operate all over the world.

Bertelsmann Stiftung (Gütersloh, Germany); Emirates Foundation for Youth Development (Abu Dhabi, UAE); Fondation Total (Paris, France); Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon, Portugal); Instituto Ayrton Senna (São Paulo, Brazil); Lundin Foundation (Vancouver, Canada); Mo Ibrahim Foundation (London, UK); Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (Basel, Switzerland); Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (Cairo, Egypt); Shell Foundation (London, UK); Sinopec-Addax Petroleum Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland); Stars Foundation (London, UK); The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations (New York City, USA); The Rockefeller Foundation (New York City, USA); W.K. Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, USA).

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