Photo: OECD/ Andrew Wheeler


8th International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean 

New challenges and innovative Partnerships in a Shifting World

Friday 3 June 2016, Paris

Pierre Mendès France Conference Centre, French ministries of Economy and Finance, Paris

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Photo: OECD/ Andrew Wheeler

The Development Centre of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the French Ministries of Economy and Finance held the 8th edition of the International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean, which focused on the challenges of fostering inclusive productivity in the region and building new partnerships for sustainable development.

The 2016 edition featured two thematic panels with high-level government representatives, business leaders and philanthropy, offering privileged dialogue and networking opportunities. Back-to-back with the Forum, the OECD Development Centre held the Latin America-focused meeting of its Emerging Markets Network (EMnet), a platform for policy dialogue and analysis of challenges and opportunities for doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Key issues on the agenda


Session 1:  Redefining partnerships to support inclusive

and sustainable growths

LAC Forum - Session 1 - Photo: OECD/ Andrew Wheeler

  • How can the region manage the effects of China’s economic slowdown and the decrease of commoditiy prices?
  • How can non-state (e.g. foundations, private sector) and sub-national actors (e.g. municipalities) contribute to increase the diversification, inclusiveness and sustainability of growth models in the region?
  • How can new international trade treaties and regional agreements help Latin American economies integrate global value chains?
  • Which public-private partnerships could be considered in order to finance new infrastructures in Latin-America?
  • How can social business foster inclusive growth and productivity gains?


Session 2:  Innovative policies to increase productivity

and tackle inequalities

LAC Forum - Session 2 - Photo: OECD/ Andrew Wheeler

  • Given the recent regional economic slowdown, how to ensure that current policies enhance productivity and lower inequality? And what lessons can be learned from other emerging economies?
  • How can the development of new infrastructures result in increasing competitiveness while tackling inequality?
  • Latin America is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change while also largely urbanised. How can climate-resilient policies be devised while supporting the development of sustainable cities?
  • Since regional integration is key for manufacturing activities, how can policies further support Latin America’s integration?  

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