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Informal Workshop on IT Security Management
OECD, 19-20 April 2001

List of Participants





Mr. Heribert GRUBER Communications Engineer, Foreign Office
Dr. Harald NIGGEMANN Federal IT Security Agency, BSI
Mr. Torsten RINK Security Administrator IS Division, Statistics Germany
Mr. Thomas VEIT Technical Consultant-Internet Security, BSI
Mr. Gunter WEHRMANN Director Information Technology Planning, Foreign Office, Germany

Australie / Australia

Mr. Bryan FITZPATRICK Ass. Statistician, Technology Research, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Autriche / Austria

Dr. Otto HELLWIG Director for IT, Bundeskanzleramt
Mr. Herwig PERSCHON IT Security Officer, Bank of Austria

Canada / Canada

Ms Nancy CHENG Principal, IT Audit Office of the Auditor General of Canada
Mr. David VENABLES Director, Informatics Technology Services, Statistics Canada

Czech Republic / Republique Tcheque

Mr. Pavel BURES Head of Division, Ministry of the Interior
Mr. Pavel FRIC Head of Division, Ministry of the Interior
Ms.Marie SVOBODOVA Office for Public Information Systems
Mr. Zdenek JIRASKY IT Expert, Embassy of the CR, Paris
Ms. Blanka FAJKUSOVA First Secretary, Permanent Delegation
Mr. Cestmir PAIL Director of the Information System Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Danemark / Denmark

Mr. Leif KJAERGAARD Head of Security, National Bank, Denmark

Etats-Unis / United States

Ms. Marianne EMERSON Deputy Director of the IT Division and former Information Security Officer, Federal Reserve Board

Finlande / Finland

Mr. Kauko HÄMÄLÄINEN Head, Operations and Datacomm, Statistics Finland
Mr. Olavi KÖNGÄS CIO, Public Management Department, Ministry of Finance of Finland
Ms. Eeva PIETIKAINEN Director, E Commerce, Ministry of Communications

France / France

Mr. Antoine LHUISSIER Architecte Sécurité, Banque de France

Hongrie / Hungary

Mr. Janos BUDAI Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Gábor KISS Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Norbert TÜTÖS Project Manager, Prime Minister’s Office

Irlande / Ireland

Mr. Tom KEANE Director, IT Division, Central Statistics Office

Italie / Italy

Mr. Gennaro GATTO Divisione Sicurezza Informatica, Banca d'Italia, Directorate for IT and Telecommunications
Mr. Andrea GUARINO Head of IT Security, ISTAT
Mr. Adriano CAVICCHI Head of Standard and Methodologies Area, AIPA
Mr. Bruno OLIVOTTO Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Marco FRANCARDI Minisrty of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Antonio DE SANTIS Italian Delegation to the OECD

Korea / Coree

Mr.Byung-Jo SUH Information and Telecommunications, Permanent Delegation of Korea to the OECD

Mexique / Mexico

Mr. Guillermo LOPEZ Director General de Informatica, Desarrollo Administrativo
Mr. Eduardo RIOS Director General de Politica Informatica, INEGI
Mr.Luis Raul FLORES-ARREOLA Director of the Center for Advanced Technology, INFOTEC
Mr. Arturo VILLARRUEL Mexican Delegation to the OECD
Mr. Zarina GUILLEN MENDEZ Mexican Delegation to the OECD

République Slovaque/ Slovak Republic

Mr. Jan KOVAC IT Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bratislava

Royaume-Uni / United Kingdom

Mr. Andy BRADBURY Head of IT Security, Office for National Statistics

Sučde/ Sweden

Mr. Hans BLOCK Head of IT Security, Statistics, Sweden

Suisse/ Switzerland

Dr. Thomas IRLET Head of Operational Security, BIS, Switzerland

Turquie / Turkey

Mr. Mahmut EROGUL Director General of Data Processing, Central Bank of Turkey

Commission européenne / European Commission

Mr. Cuong LY Administrator Telecommunications and Network Unit of the Informatics Directorate, European Commission

Banque des Rčglements Internationaux (BRI) / Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Mr. Julian IWANSKI Head of Security and Architecture, Bank for International Settlements

Banque Européenne de Reconstruction et de Développement (BERD) / European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Mr. Andrew MCTAGGART Senior Manager, IT Security and Change Control, EBRD

Banque Mondiale / World Bank

Mr. Dee BUCK Chief Technology Officer, World Bank

Fonds Monétaire International (FMI) / International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Mr. Nick AVIGNONE Head of IT Security, International Monetary Fund
Mr. Ian MYERS Head Network Operations, IMF

Nations Unies / United Nations

Mr. Edward GELBSTEIN Director, UN International Computing Center

Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'Alimentation et l'Agriculture (FAO) / Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Ms Deborah FUXA Systems Security and Information Technology Officer, Food and Agricultural Organisation

Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord (OTAN) / North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

Mr. Ian DAVIS Head of Information Systems Service, NATO HQ

Organisation Mondiale du Commerce (OMC) / World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Mr. Naidu TAMMINAYANA Chief Desktop and Network Section, WTO

World Food Program (WFP) / Programme Alimentataire Mondial (PAM)

Mr. Rocco LEONE IT Security Officer


Mr. Bernhard VANDER FEEN PGP Security, Business Development Manager, Middle Europe , Network Associates
Mr. Wolf-Dieter JAHN Manager SE & Consulting McAfee EMEA, Network Associates
Mr. Joseph FERRACIN Director IT Security Solutions, SITA


Mr. Fred CHALLAL Systems Engineering - EXD/ITN
Mr. Alfred GILMAN Consultant - EXD/ITN
Mr. Ian HUNTER Network Information Services - EXD/ITN
Mr.Edwin LAU Administrator - PUMA
Mr. Peter LUBKERT Systems Development & Support - EXD/ITN
Mr. Lester RODRIQUES Client Support Services - EXD/ITN
Mr. Guido MACCARI Head of Information Technology & Network Services - EXD/ITN
Mr. Gerard SALOU Administrator - OECD/ STD
Mr. Lee SAMUELSON Computer & Communications Operations - EXD/ITN