Call for Case studies, Results

The call far case study launched in April has now reached its goal. That is, to gather and identify a large number of good practices throughout Europe in nurturing the entrepreneurial mind-set in primary, secondary and VET schools. Identifying these good practices is essential for building and fine tuning the guiding framework of Entrepreneurship 360. They show the diversity of responses to local and academic context of the entrepreneurial education.

We thank all the participants to this call for case studies, and assure those who have not been selected that their work is nonetheless valuable, and a great resource for information. The entrepreneurial mind-set is also learning from all experiences. Congratulations to the selected schools and institutions who will then be writing a detailed case study on their initiative. This case study will be featured on this website and will be presented by the authors directly during our next event in Potsdam from the 3rd to the 6th November. It will be the occasion for them to learn from one another and participate in the elaboration and piloting of the Entrepreneurship360 guiding framework.

The selected applications, in alphabetical order, are:

Although other applications were not selected by the jury as the 20 most inspiring, they displayed interesting features and innovating approaches. And because the difference in grades they received was so small, jury members along with the Entrepreneurship360 organising team showed interest in these applications, we have decided to include them in the next steps of the projects. These applications are: