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Autodesk, a world leader in 2D and 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, supports students and educators by providing design software, innovative programs and other resources designed to inspire the next generation of professionals. By supporting educators in advancing design education and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills, Autodesk is helping prepare students for future academic and career success. Autodesk supports schools and institutions of higher learning worldwide through substantial discounts, subscriptions, grant programs, training, curriculum development and community resources. For more information about Autodesk education programs and solutions, visit www.autodesk.com/education-emea



SHM is a strategy and insight consultancy based in central London. Since 1996, we have been putting insights into people’s motivations and mindsets at the heart of the world’s largest and most important organisations. We do this by unlocking a deep understanding of why people behave as they do – as leaders, as colleagues, as consumers, as citizens – and translating this into concrete directions to drive impact and results.

Our distinctive offering rests on recognising that understanding what people do (behaviour) is not the same as understanding why they do it (motivation).

Our clients don’t just want to understand what people have done in the past; they want to change what people do in the future.





Sida works according to directives of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world. The overall goal of Swedish development cooperation is to contribute to making it possible for poor people to improve their living conditions. Sida's organization has three main pillars:

1) Policy, which is responsible for global dialogues and reaching consensus, knowledge development and advice, quality assurance and competence;
2) Operations, which is responsible for the implementation of the development co-operation;
3) Management, which is responsible for control and planning functions as well as service to the rest of the authority. http://www.sida.se/English





The National University of Ireland, Galway, is a conference partner. Members of its Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching, with research interests in the role of creativity in higher education, will be facilitating discussions at the Thematic Lunch and at other points during the event. In addition they will be seeking opinions and perspectives from participants, collating recorded interviews and linking these and other feedback with the overall theme of the conference.


Creativity in Higher Education – Reality and Ideals!



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