Parallel Group Session 2: Monday 13 September, 16h15 - 17h45


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Conference Centre Room CC1+5

Chair: Mary-Louise Kearney, Special Adviser, IMHE, OECD

Speaker 1: Catherine Bates, Project Coordinator, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Programme for students learning with communities in Dublin Institute of Technology

Speaker 2: Angel Calderon, Head, Institutional Research, RMIT University, Australia

Emerging countries for student recruitment in tertiary education


Conference Centre Room CC10

Chair: Peter West, Special Adviser to the Principal of Academic Administration, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

Speaker 1: Margaret Andrews, Managing Director and Associate Dean, Mind and Hand Associates and Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education, United States

Marketing as strategy: How combining hard data with values-based discussion can lead to better results

Speaker 2: Michael Klein, Director of Government and Legal Affairs, New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities, United States

An entrepreneurial university in the “missing middle": Rowan University

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Conference Centre Room Auditorium

Chair: Christiane Gaehtgens, Director, Impact Consulting, Germany

Speaker 1: Dr. Jolanta Juszkiewicz, Director of Research, Career College Association, United States

Taking higher education to the next level in the United States

Speaker 2: Mariusz Luterek, Expert, Polish Rectors Foundation, Poland

2010–2020 Development strategy for the higher education system: The academic community’s proposal


Conference Centre Room CC15

Chair: Dr. Abrar Hasan, Visiting Fellow, International Institute for Educational Planning, UNESCO

Speaker 1: Alberto Amaral, Researcher and Professor, CIPES - Center for Research in Higher education policies University of Minho University of Brazilia, Portugal

Democratisation of Access to and Success in Higher Education: Refection on the Realities of Portugal and Brazil

Speaker 2: Ales Bartusek, Charles University at Prague, Education Policy Centre, Czech Republic

Higher education between origin and destination


Conference Centre Room CC13

Chair: Heribert Wulz, Secretary General, Universities Austria

Speaker 1: Ingjaldur Hannibalsson, Dean of the School of Business, University of Iceland

The struggle of a small nation to develop a good university system. What effect will the economic crisis in Iceland have on its development ?

Speaker 2: Pernille Meyn Milthers, Special Adviser, Danish University and Property Agency, Denmark

Change and trust: Danish universities in the financial crisis


Conference Centre Room CC7

Research Forum

Chair: Dr. Jocelyne Gacel-Ávila, Professor, University of Guadalajara, Mexico

Speaker 1:  Louis Bertone, Professor, Law, Economics and Management Faculty, France

Building a sustainably better, cleaner higher education systems under short-term funding constraints
Speaker 2:  François Fourcade, Director and Management Professor at ESCP Europe, Paris Chamber of Commerce

La recherche action existentielle et la pédagogie coopérative complexe pour faire plus avec moins : le cas des établissements d’enseignement supérieurs de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris (CCIP)

Speaker 3: José Morales, General Director, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, México

Partnership for prosperity: The case of the GDLN Americas Foundation

Speaker 4: Brian Denman, Senior Lecturer, University of New England, Australia

Invisible colleges and international consortia in higher education