Parallel Group Session 1: Monday 13 September, 14h15 - 15h45


Note: Sessions may still be subject to last minute changes


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Conference Centre Room Auditorium

Chair: Tom Boland, Chief Executive Officer, Higher Education Authority, Ireland

Speaker 1: Ingo Rollwagen, Vice President and Senior Analyst, Deutsche Bank Research, Germany

Pushing the financial frontier and the project economy to do more with less in higher education

Speaker 2: Art Hauptman, Public Policy Consultant, United States

Dr. Philip Nolan, Registrar, Deputy President and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, University College Dublin
How systems are and should be reacting to the recession and government cutbacks


Conference Centre Room CC1 + 5

Chair: Finn Junge-Jensen, Former President, Copenhagen Business School

Speaker 1: Heather Eggins, Professor, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom; Peter West, Special Adviser to the Principal of Academic Administration, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

 The global impact of the financial crisis: Main trends in developed and developing countries

Speaker 2: Elaine El-Khawas, Professor of Education Policy, George Washington University, United States

Responding to economic crisis: Lessons from the past


Conference Centre Room CC15

Chair: Steve Egan, Deputy Chief Executive, Higher Education Funding Council for England

Speaker 1: Maarja Beerkens, CHEPS, University of Twente, Netherlands

Facts and fads in academic research management: The effect of management practices on research productivity in Australia

Speaker 2: Shelda Debowski, Winthrop Professor (Higher Education Development) and Director, Organisational and Staff Development Services, University of Western Australia

Promoting effective and efficient research in higher education institutions through improved researcher capabilities


Conference Centre Room CC10

Chair: Eva Egron-Polak, Secretary General, International Association of Universities

Speaker 1: Akiyoshi Yonezawa, Associate Professor, CAHE Tohoku University, Japan

Multi-polar initiatives in Asian higher education: The repositioning of Japanese higher education in times of budgetary constraint

Speaker 2:  Lloyd Jacobs, University President, University of Toledo, United States

The relevant university: making community and economic engagement matter


Conference Centre Room CC13

Chair: Milly Perry, Research Authority Director, European Association of Research Managers and Administrators Board members, The Open University, Israel

Speaker 1: Ana García de Fanelli, Director CEDES - Senior Researcher CONICET, Argentina

Linking the results of accrediting procedures and funding mechanisms: The case of the PROMEI in Argentina

Speaker 2: Gitte Duemose Hansen, Senior Consultant; Hanne Harmsen, Vice-Provost for Education, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Creating a common market of education at the University of Copenhagen


Conference Centre Room CC7

Research Forum

Chair: Professor Bart Heijnen, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Speaker 1: Tatiana Gounko, Assistant Professor, University of Victoria, Canada

Russian educational modernization: A step forward or a step back?

Speaker 2: Takeshi Yanagiura, Research Director, Policy, Planning, and Research Division, Tennessee Higher Education Commission, United States
Developing a student flow model to project higher education degree production for state-level strategic planning

Speaker 3: Angela Magarry, Director, Policy and Analysis Universities, Australia

Australia’s higher education: System, a transformation in waiting
Speaker 4: Holiday Hart McKiernan, Senior Vice President, Lumina Foundation for Education, United States; Tim Birtwistle, Consultant, Lumina Foundation for Education, United States
Learning lessons from the Bologna Process: Implications for American higher education

Speaker 5: Farough Amin Mozaffari, University of Tabriz, Iran and Khorshid Padashi Asl - Islamic Azad University - Tabriz Branch

Organizational culture and managerial effectiveness in Iranian institutes of higher education