Meet the Experts (OECD Presentations): Tuesday 14 September - 15h30-17h00


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Conference Centre Room - CC15

1. Tertiary education and vocational education and training


Chair Professor Heather Eggins, University of Strathclyde


  • Tertiary Education: Paulo Santiago, OECD Senior Analyst
  • Vocational Education and Training: Simon Field, OECD Senior Analyst



Conference Centre Room - CC13

2. University futures and technology in education


Chair: Professor Ellen Hazelkorn, Dublin Institute of Technology


  • University futures: Kiira Karkkainen, OECD Analyst
  • Technology in Education: Katerina Ananiadou, OECD Analyst 


Conference Centre Room - CC1+5

3. HE in Cities & Regions – How to lead an entrepreneurial and locally engaged university?


Moderator: Jaana Puukka, OECD Analyst 


  • Maria Helena Nazare, Vice President, European University Association, Former Rector of the University of Aveiro, Portugal, University of Aveiro and the process of institutional transformation
  • Francesc-Xavier Grau-Vidal, Rector, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain, University Rovira i Virgili as a leader of strategic development in Southern Catalonia
  • John Goddard, Emeritus Professor, Formerly Deputy Vice Chancellor, CURDS, Newcastle University, United Kingdom, Leading city and regional engagement: Lessons from the OECD reviews as appied to Newcastle University


Conference Centre Room - CC10

4. Supporting quality teaching in higher education and AHELO 


Chair: Vin Massaro, Professorial Fellow, LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management, University of Melbourne



  • Quality Teaching: Fabrice Hénard, OECD Analyst
  • AHELO: Diane Lalancette, OECD Analyst
  • Fernando Leon Garcia, President, CETYS University, Mexico:
    • What are the main reasons, as a University leader of CETYS and formerly of City University Seattle, to commit in quality of teaching and of learning?
    • What main actions/strategies have been undertaken in your institutions?
    • And what are/were the main challenges that your institutions faced?


Conference Centre Room - CC7

5.  Tertiary education: Highlights from Education at a Glance 2010


Chair: Michaela Martin, Programme Specialist, International Institute for Educational Planning, UNESCO



  • Eric Charbonnier, OECD Analyst
  • Bo Hansson, OECD Analyst



  • Art Hauptman, Public policy consultant, United States, Higher Education Authority – Ireland,