Per Olaf Aamodt


Per Olaf Aamodt holds a masters degree in sociology from the University of Oslo (1972). He is currently senior researcher at NIFU STEP. His professional interests include recruitment to higher education, non-completion and study progress as well as international studies of higher education. Recent publications include (2005): Access to Higher Education within a Welfare State System. Developments and Dilemmas in Texeira, Johnstone, Rosa & Vossensteyn (eds.): A fairer deal? Cost-sharing and Accessability in Western Higher Education, Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers; (2005) with Anton Havnes: Student Involvement and Learning Outcome in Professional Education in Norway in Rust, Chris (ed.): Improving Student Learning. Diversity and Inclusivity. Oxford, The Oxford Center for Staff & Learning Development; (2005) with Svein Kyvik: Access to higher education in the Nordic countries in T. Tapper & D. Palfreyman (red.): Understanding mass higher education: comparative perspectives on access. London, Routledge Falmer


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