Parallel Group Session: Tuesday 9 September, 15h30 - 17h00


Note: Sessions may still be subject to last minute changes

Conference Centre Room 12

Institutional measures to assess and improve quality

Chair: Elaine El-Khawas,  Professor of Education Policy, George Washington University

Rapporteur: Luc Weber, Chair CDESR, Council of Europe

Speaker 1:   Andrew Parkin, Associate Executive Director, Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation,
Improving the Success of Students At Risk of Dropping Out: A Report on Ongoing Research Experiments in Canada

Speaker 2: Denise Chalmers, Professor The University of Western Australia, Teaching and learning quality indicators in Australian universities

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Conference Centre Room 6

Assessing learning and employment outcomes

Chair: Tom Boland, Chief Executive, Higher Education Authority, Ireland

Rapporteur: Renato HL Pedrosa, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Coordinateor Adjunct of Undergraduate Admissions, State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil

Speaker 1:  Peter Zervakis, Head of Bologna Centre, German Rector's Office, Proposing common standards for implementing learning outcomes in decentralized curricular development

Speaker 2: Benon Basheka, Head of Higher Degrees department/lecturer, Uganda Management Institute,
Value for money and efficiency in Higher Education systems of developing countries: resources management and effective management of higher education systems in Uganda

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Conference Centre Room 15

Balancing the needs and expectations of society with the autonomy of institutions

Chair: John Goddard, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Newcastle University

Rapporteur: Aims C. McGuinness, Senior Associate, NCHEMS, USA

Speaker 1: Vin Massaro, Professorial Fellow, LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management, University of Melbourne, Cui bono? - The Relevance and Impact of Quality Assurance

Speaker 2: Peter Eckel, Ph.D, American Council on Education, USA, Reclaiming Public Confidence in a Competitive Environment: The Views of U.S. College and University Presidents

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Conference Centre Room 13

Value for money and efficiency in higher education

Chair: François Ronday, Administrator, University of Liège, Belgium

Rapporteur: Francisco Marmolejo, Executive Director of the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC)

Speaker 1: Nizar Abdallah, Student member of the Presidio School Board of Directors, Presidio School of Management, The Case for Advancing Sustainable Development in Higher Education: an Economic Perspective

Speaker 2: Nancy Knowlton, SMART Technologies, Canada, Pedagogy, Technology and Value: Creating High-Tech Efficiencies in Higher Education

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Conference Centre Room 10

Institutional Diversity and Transparency

Chair: Christiane Gaehtgens, “CGC Hochschulberatung”,a private consulting agency , Germany

Rapporteur: Ellen Hazelkorn, Director of Research and Enterprise, and Dean of the Graduate School; Director, Higher Education Policy Research Unit, Ireland, Dublin Institute of Technology 

Speaker 1: Frans van Vught, Member of the Group of Policy Advisors of the President of the European Commission, president of the Center for Strategic Management of Universities (Esmu), President of the Netherlands’ House for Education and Research (Nether), member of the Board of the European University association (EUA): Institutional Diversity and Transparency: Classifying European Institutions of Higher Education

Speaker 2: Dirk Van Damme, Head of OECD Centre for Educational Reserach and Innovation (CERI): Convergence and/or diversity? The argument of transparency

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