Mike Kennerly


Mike Kennerly, University of Leeds.  Prior to joining the Strategy Project Group, Mike worked in the field of performance measurement and management for over 14 years, holding research positions at the University of Cambridge, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and Cranfield University.
Mike’s research and consulting work focused on organisational performance management, including the design of performance measurement and management systems and their use in supporting decision making, performance improvement and strategic control.  His work has been undertaken with a wide range of Public and Private Sector organisations, from Small Medium Enterprises to large multinational corporations including British Airways, BAE Systems, BT, EDF Energy, DHL and Accenture.He has made regular contributions to practitioner and academic publications, conferences and seminars.
Mike joined the group in 2007 to work on the development of the strategic performance management framework and promotion of evidence based performance reviews throughout the University.


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