Maria Panta


Maria Panta is Head of the Logistics Department at TEI of Chalkis. Born in Greece, Maria completed her studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; then began her academic career as university tutor and associate professor at the Technological Institute of Chalkis (TEI) since 1990, when she was involved in Higher Education Management field, being elected Director in Faculty of Economics, President and Vice-President of TEI.
In addition  to  her  academic  and  managerial  duties, Maria has  been  leading
various scientific activities and European programs (EPEAEK) aiming at expanding
Tertiary  Education at  TEI, as  well as  being  chairman  of  scientist’s  committee
meetings and coordinator of education programs that were held for undergraduate
students in the light of students’ exchanging programs.
In the meantime Maria has also taken an active part in various Associations such
as the Chamber of Economics (O.E.E.), Council for Environmental Issues in Evia;
she has also been member of  the Presidents  and  Vice-presidents  Synod  of TEI,
Founder Member of the Life-Long Education Centre (KEK), Chairman of the Research Committee of TEI, Representative of TEI in International Fairs of Education.


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