Galit Eizman


Galit  Eizman
In charge of research and external relations in the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) of the Council for Higher Education (CHE) of Israel. Studying for a PhD. in Economics at Bar Ilan University, researching issues of higher education and economic growth. M.A. in Economics from Bar-Ilan University and B.A. in Economics and Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professional experience includes: in charge of economics in the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) Commission for Future Generation; in charge of budgeting earmarked allocations, scholarships and awards for advanced degrees in the CHE/PBC; and coordinator of research in the NCJW Research Institute for Innovation in Education at the School of Education of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Experience in teaching and instructing includes: a lecturer in courses on Micro and Macro Economics in the Open University, Bar Ilan University and Jerusalem College of Technology (Lev Institute). Published and presented many papers in international conferences.



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