Abstracts: University Futures and Open Educational Resources


Open Educational Resources: the challenge for Higher Education

OECD Speaker: Francesc Pedro

Learning resources are often considered key intellectual property in a competitive higher education world. However, more and more institutions and individuals are sharing their digital learning resources over the Internet, openly and for free, as Open Educational Resources (OER). This presentation will be intended to discuss why this is happening, who is involved and what the most important implications of this development are.
The CERI work on OER which will be the object of this presentation aimed at offering a comprehensive overview of the rapidly changing phenomenon and the challenges it poses for higher education. The presentation shall discuss reasons for individuals and institutions to share resources for free, and look at copyright issues, sustainability and business models as well as policy implications.


University Futures

OECD Speaker: Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin

Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin will present recent trends in higher education, notably relating to demography, technology and globalization, and present 4 scenarios for the future of higher education to launch the discussion.


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