Abstracts: Thematic Review of Tertiary Education Policy and Policy Determinants of Investment in Tertiary Education


The Policy Determinants of Investment in Tertiary Education

OECD Speaker: Joaquim Oliveira Martins


This paper assesses how policies and institutions affect private returns to invest in tertiary human capital, the ability of individuals to finance this investment and the institutional characteristics of tertiary education systems. Focusing on core tertiary education services, the paper presents new measures of private returns to tertiary education, the institutional setting for supplying tertiary education and the availability of individual financing in OECD countries. Using a panel of 19 countries, the number of new tertiary graduates (a proxy for investment in tertiary education) is regressed on these new proposed measures, as well as other standard determinants of investment in tertiary education. The resulting estimates are used to assess empirically the relative importance of several education, taxation and social policies affecting investment in tertiary education. Several avenues for reform and the trade-offs they present for public policy are discussed.


Thematic Review of Tertiary Education Policy

OECD Speaker: Paulo Santiago

The report Tertiary Education for the Knowledge Society provides a thorough international investigation of tertiary education policy across its many facets – governance, funding, quality assurance, equity, research and innovation, academic career, links to the labour market and internationalisation. Its specific concern is policies that ensure that capabilities of tertiary education contribute to countries’ economic and social objectives. The report draws on the results of a major OECD review of tertiary education policy – the OECD Thematic Review of Tertiary Education - conducted over the 2004-08 period in collaboration with 24 countries around the world.


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