Fernando Vargas, ILO/Cinterfor


Fernando Vargas Zuñiga was born in Colombia. He holds a degree in Business Administration (Universidad Externado de Colombia) and courses of post-graduation in Evaluation of Projects and Management.  His experience in vocational training was gained mainly through his career at National Training Service (SENA) in Colombia. He is currently a specialist on vocational training of ILO/Cinterfor in the fields of competency based training, recognition of previous learning, management of vocational training institutions, quality assurance and other related areas.  He is author of several articles and technical documents and co-author of a number of manuals in competence based training. He has participated in different activities on design, follow-up and evaluation of projects for the IADB and World Bank. He has also taken part of different national and sectoral training projects and developed consultancies in many countries and training institutions across Latin America and the Caribbean.


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