Ann-Britt Enochsson, Senior lecturer, University of Karlstadt, Sweden


Ann-Britt Enochsson finished her postgraduate studies at Karlstad University, Sweden, in 2001. In 2003 she started to work as a senior lecturer at Karlstad University. From February 2004 to January 2008 she was employed as a doctorate researcher at the Interactive Institute, Stockholm. Like the post graduate research post, this post was financed by the KK-foundation and the research program LearnIT. AnnBritt Enochsson’s research interest is children and the Internet from various perspectives. She has studied information seeking on the Internet and participated in virtual communities with the aim of finding ways to integrate children’s life on the Internet in curricula.

She is also a qualified intermediate-level teacher and has worked as such for many years. As well as doing research she has been working in teacher education at Karlstad University. One of the important issues has been to implement ICT in teacher education on a local level. Since September 2007 teacher education at Karlstad University runs a project together with the teacher educations in Umeå and Linköping (also Sweden). This project has been designed together with students and aims to strengthen ICT use as well as pedagogical communication between campus and the schools where the students do their teaching practice.


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