Members of DeFiNe



DeFiNe was created in 2006, with 12 institutions from 12 countries.

Today, the network has 38 members and continues to welcome new partners.


> Detailed information about our members (PDF)



CPD Centre for Policy Dialogue (Bangladesh)
IBON (Philippines)
ICRIER Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (India)
IPS Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)
IRMA Institute of Rural Management (India)
IWEP Institute of World Economics and Politics (Vietnam)
MI Mekong Institute (Greater Mekong Sub-region)
MIER Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (Malaysia)
NCAER National Council for Applied Economic Research (India)
NRCS National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences (Korea)
TDRI Thailand Development Research Institute (Thailand)


CGD Centre for Global Development (USA)
CSEND Centre for Socio-economic Development (Switzerland)
DIE German Development Institute (Germany)
ECDPM European Centre for Development Policy Management (Netherlands)
FERDI Foundation for International Development Study and Research (France)
IHIED Graduate Institute of International Development Studies (Switzerland)
IOB Institute of Development Policy and Management, University of Antwerp (Belgium)
NSI North-South Institute (Canada)
ODI Overseas Development Institute (United Kingdom)


CEBRI Brazilian Centre for International Relations (Brazil)
CEF Argentina Centre for Financial Stability (Argentina)
CELAEP Latin American Centre for Political Studies (Ecuador)
CIEPLAN Corporation of Studies on Latin America (Chile)
CIES Economic and Social Reseach Consortium
FEDESARROLLO Foundation for Education and Development (Colombia)

FGVGetulio Vargas Foundation (Brazil)
MERCONET Network of Mercosur Universities (Mercosur)
UCA Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, Graduate School of Business, Applied Research Centre (Argentina)


CERSS Centre d'études et de recherches en sciences sociales (Morocco)
EEA/EEPRI Ethiopian Economic Association/Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute (Ethiopia)
EPRC Economic Policy Research Centre (Uganda)
ESRF Economic and Social Research Foundation, (Tanzania)
ISSER Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (Ghana)
LEDNA Local Economic Development Network of Africa (Africa)
SAIIA South African Institute of International Affairs (South Africa)
TESEV Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (Turkey)

GDN Global Development Network (International)
UNU-WIDER World Institute for Development Economic Research (United Nations Organisation / Finland)


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