Tenth Anniversary, High Level Conference - Speeches


High-Level meeting

The OECD Anti-Bribery Convention:

Its Impact and Its Achievements



Tenth Anniversary of OECD Anti-Bribery Convention


21 November 2007

Rome, Italy





Welcoming and opening remarks



Welcoming remarks

Mr. Romano Prodi,

Prime Minister, Italy


Mr. Clemente Mastella, (Speech) in Italian, (Speech) in English

Minister of Justice, Italy


Mr. Giovanni Maria Flick,

Former Minister of Justice, Vice Presidente Corte Constituzionale, Italy


Opening remarks

Mr. Angel Gurría, (Speech)

OECD Secretary-General






State Parties’ commitment to fight foreign bribery


Mr. Angel Gurría,

OECD Secretary-General


Ms. Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi,  (Speech)

Minister for the Public Service and Administration, South Africa


Dr. Maria Berger,  (Speech)

Minister of Justice, Austria


Ms. Alice S. Fisher,

Assistant Attorney General, United States


Mr. Kunio Hatoyama,  (Speech)

Minister of Justice, Japan


Mr.  Jong Baek Lee,  (Speech)

Chairman, Korea Independent Commission against Corruption, Republic of Korea


Mr. Jorge Hage Sobrinho, (Speech)

Ministro de Estado do Controle e da Transparência, Brazil


Mr. Sotirios Hatzigakis, (Speech)

Minister of Justice, Greece


Mr. Mehmet Ali Şahin, (Speech)

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Turkey


Lord Davidson of Glen Clova,  (Speech)

Advocate General for Scotland, United Kingdom


Mr. Rafael Morgan(Speech)

Under Secretary for Public Administration, Mexico















State Parties’ commitment to fight foreign bribery 

Mr. Atle Leikvoll,  (Speech)

Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway


Dr. Matei Hoffmann,  (Speech)

Ambassador, Germany, Delegation to the OECD


Mr. Philippe Marland,  (Speech)  

Ambassador, France, Delegation to the OECD


Presentations will address:


1)  The importance of the Convention and government actions and achievements over the last decade to prevent, detect and sanction foreign bribery.

2)  Political will to intensify efforts to fight bribery of foreign public officials by all means indivisually and collectively.

3)  Desire to continue working together as well as with business and civil society to enhance joint efforts to effectively enforce the Convention.

4)  Encourage major emerging economic players not party to the Convention to adhere to its standards.



11:30 – 11:45


Adoption of the 10th Anniversary Statement


Presentation of the 10th Anniversary Statement


Prof. Mark Pieth,

Chairman of the OECD Working Group on Bribery



11.45 – 12.15














International Co-operation and major emerging economies

Mrs. Thelma Askey,

OECD Deputy Secretary-General


Mr. Cui Hairong,

Director General of the Fourth Investigation Department

of the Ministry of Supervision of P. R. China

Mr. Taufiequrachman Ruki,  (Speech)

Chairman, Corruption Eradication Commission, Indonesia


Prof. Daniel Friedmann,  (Speech)

Minister of Justice,Israel

Mr. Alexander Yakovenko,  (Speech)

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia


Presentations will address:

1)  Significant regional and international anti-corruption instruments in force worldwide.

2)  Identification of practices, mechanisms and strategies to facilitate and enhance international co-operation based on the worldwide commitments to fight corruption.

3)  How to enhance adherence by emerging non-Parties to the OECD anti-bribery standards.

4)  Suggestions for closer collaboration with the Working Group on Bribery, the body responsible for monitoring the enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.







Changes in the global business environment

Mrs. Thelma Askey,

OECD Deputy Secretary-General

Mr. Juan Jose Daboub,  (Speech)

Managing Director, World Bank

Mrs. Huguette Labelle, (Speech)

Chair, Transparency International

Presentations will address:

1)  The OECD Anti-Bribery Convention’s impact on business.

2)  Changes over the last 10 years. Has worldwide business become more fair and what remains to be done to improve awareness and grant the effectiveness of international anti-bribery standards.

3)  Need for governments and non-government partnerships to monitor foreign bribery risk, especially in corruption-prone areas.



Closing of the High Level Conference


Mr. Achille Serra,  (Speech) in Italian, (Speech) in English

High Commissioner Against Corruption, Italy




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