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SME Compliance Sub-group: 2012 Sub-group meeting

The Sub-group met in Madrid, Spain in April 2012, hosted by the Spanish Tax Administration. The key matters discussed were:

  1. Preliminary discussions concerning the new FTA project on “Engaging and Involving Taxpayers”
  2. Improving compliance in “difficult to administer” industries, focusing on building and construction;
  3. Country developments concerning their overall approach to compliance risk management;
  4. Recent major country developments / enhanced strategic approaches - a topical item under this heading was the increasing use of credit card data for large scale compliance checking programs;
  5. Progress with compliance monitoring and evaluation approaches; and
  6. Current external research activities.

Subgroup chair
Esther de Leeuw and Kors Kool of the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration have recently been appointed by the FTA Bureau to co-chair the Sub-group, following the retirement of Martin Scott (Inland Revenue, New Zealand).


Taxpayer Services Sub-group: 2012 Sub-group meeting

The Sub-group met in Brussels, Belgium in September 2012, hosted by the Belgian Federal Public Service Finance Tax Administration.
The key matters discussed were:

  1. Demand management governance - progress on draft information note
  2. Continuous improvement - selected country experience with the use of lean techniques
  3. Mobile technology platforms in revenue administration/ the emergence of real payment platforms and possible implications for tax system design 
  4. Future directions in service delivery, including developments with the work of OASIS on transformational government and revenue bodies future online strategies

Subgroup chair
Alison Lendon (Australian Taxation Office) has been appointed by the FTA Bureau to co-chair the Sub-group, following the recent resignation of David Williams from the US IRS.


Task group workshop on working with taxpayers and stakeholders

Representatives from 16 national revenue bodies, the European Commission and the OECD met in Oslo from 8-10 October to discuss how revenue bodies can work more closely with SME taxpayers and stakeholders to achieve improved compliance outcomes and other benefits.

The workshop is part of the “Engaging and Involving SME Taxpayers and Stakeholders” project. The project is sponsored by the Norwegian Commissioner, Mr Svein Kristensen, who opened the workshop and attended a number of sessions.

During the workshop, participants exchanged experience and discussed some of the main issues identified through the survey and research conducted as part of the project. These include capabilities, change management, governance, and evaluation. The workshop also benefited from outside perspectives, as a representative from the Norwegian organisation for certified accountants told about his experience with working closely with the Norwegian Tax Administration on a project with a strong technical component.

The workshop was facilitated by the Danish cross-ministerial innovation lab MindLab, which contributed to a creative and productive atmosphere.

The project will result in an information note, which will be presented at the meeting of FTA Commissioners in Moscow 16-17 May 2013.


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