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>> New Commissioner for the South African Revenue Services (SARS)
Mr. Thomas Swabihi Moyane was appointed Commissioner of SARS on 27 September 2014, replacing Mr. Ivan Pillay.

>> New Commissioner for Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority
Mr. António Brigas Afonso was appointed Director General of the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority on 16 July 2014, succeeding Mr. José Azevedo Pereira.

>> New Commissioner for the National Tax Agency, Japan (NTA)
Mr. Nobumitsu Hayashi was appointed NTA Commissioner effective 5 July 2014, replacing Mr. Mitsutaka Inagaki.

>> New Commissioner for Indian Revenue Service
Mr. Shaktikanta Das replaced Mr. Rajiv Takru as Revenue Secretary for India (June 2014). 

>> New Commissioner for French General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFiP)
Mr. Bruno Parent replaces Mr. Bruno Bézard as Director General of DGFiP with effect from 1 July 2014.

>> Statement of Secretary Lew on the Confirmation of John Koskinen as Next Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service

>> The Third Forum on Tax And Crime: Taking Forward the Oslo Dialogue on a Whole Of Government Approach to Combating Financial Crime

>> New FTA work programme (2013/14)

>> Tax commissioners unite to fight tax fraud

>> OECD takes aim at software technologies used by businesses to evade taxes

>> FTA Offshore Compliance Network meets in Tokyo

>> FTA Welcomes Ms. Josephine Feehily (Ireland) as new Chair

>> New Commissioner for Singapore Inland Revenue
Dr Tan Kim Siew took over from Mr Moses Lee as the new Commissioner of Inland Revenue and Chief Executive Officer of Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) with effect from November 2 2012.

>> Task group workshop on working with taxpayers and stakeholders, Oslo, Norway

>> FTA Taxpayer Services Sub-group meeting, Brussels, Belgium

>> New Commissioner for Japan's National Tax Agency
Mr Kazuyuki Furuya replaced Mr. Chikara Kawakita as the new Commissioner of the Japanese National Tax Agency from 17 August 2012.

>> New Commissioner for New Zealand's Inland Revenue
Ms. Naomi Ferguson has been appointed Chief Executive and Commissioner of Inland Revenue, replacing Mr. Bob Russell as 21 July 2012.

>> FTA SME Compliance Sub-group meeting, Madrid, Spain

>> Workshop on compliance management of large business and international tax avoidance held in Rio de Janeiro

>> Ernst and Young Survey on Tax Risk and Controversy cites the FTA's work

>> Tweeting on your taxes (OECD Observer article)

>> Social Media Technologies and Tax Administration Report 

>> Corporate Loss Utilisation through Aggressive Tax Planning

>> Tax Repayments: Maintaining the Balance Between Refund Service Delivery, Compliance and Integrity

>> Fighting Financial Crime - Oslo Dialogue


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