FTA Work Programme 2013/14


FTA Work Programme 2013/14


The FTA’s work programme for 2013/14 was approved at the Moscow Plenary meeting in May and includes projects on the following topics:

For more information, please click on the title of the project to access the approved terms of reference.


Other projects and the FTA networks

The work programme also includes the creation of the FTA Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP) Forum. The first meeting of the Forum was held on 12-13 November 2013 in Paris.

The work of our three networks (HNWI, Large Business and Offshore Compliance) is continuing with their approved 2013/14 work programmes and a new network on Advanced Analytics was launched in early 2014.


Tax administration Series: Comparative Information on OECD and Other Advanced and Emerging Economies

The fifth edition of the Tax Administration Series, Tax Administration 2013 (formerly the Comparative Information Series), was released in May 2013.

Preliminary work will begin on the sixth edition of this publication in the first quarter of 2014.


2014 meetings and events

  • 21 January 2014 – FTA Bureau meeting (Paris)
  • 12-13 February 2014 – Workshop on “End to End Compliance” Project (Sweden)
  • 17-19 February 2014 – Large business network meeting (Paris)
  • 5-7 May 2014 – FTA SME Compliance Sub-group meeting (Berlin)
  • 10-12 September 2014 – FTA Taxpayer Services Sub-group meeting (Oslo)
  • 22 October 2014 – FTA Bureau meeting (Dublin)
  • 23-24 October 2014 – FTA plenary (Dublin)



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