Practical Information - AHELO Feasibility Study Conference



The conference will be in English, without interpretation.


Registration and attendance

All registered participants have received a confirmation of their registration. They will be asked to present a photo ID to receive their badge at security on the first day of the conference and will be required to wear this badge throughout the Conference.

Participants will receive a copy of the two volumes of the AHELO Feasibility Study report upon arrival as part of their conference package.


Conference fee

There is no conference fee. However, participants are expected to come to the conference at their own (or their organisation’s) expense. We will also not be hosting lunches, dinners or social events. Sufficient time has been allocated in the agenda for participants to make their own arrangements for lunch and information on lunch options will be available.



Participants are responsible for hotel reservations and payment. A list of hotels within the vicinity of the OECD Conference Centre and access to special OECD rates can be found on the following link:


Getting to the OECD


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