8th OECD Food Chain Analysis Network Meeting - 23-24 June 2016


Reducing food loss and waste in the retail and processing sectors

When the Food Chain Analysis Network (FCAN) was called upon to consider food waste along the supply chain in 2013, it scrutinised the entire food life cycle. Methodological issues relating to definition and quantification of food waste were discussed. The causes of waste and also obstacles to reduction were analysed. The different contributors along the supply chain were identified. Policy responses developed to limit food waste and orient end-of-life treatment were presented. A summary of the meeting was published subsequently (OECD, 2013).

This time, after a stock take of progress since its meeting in 2013, the Network will have a closer look at food waste in the retail and processing sectors. Issues of definition and measurement, possible causes and ways to reduce and valorise it will be discussed.


Information for participants


If you would like to contribute relevant material to the agenda please contact Morvarid BAGHERZADEH. You can also confirm your participation in the meeting with Martina ABDERRAHMANE of the Secretariat.



Introductory Session. Setting the scene

Morvarid Bagherzadeh (OECD), Stocktake of work at the OECD since the 4th meeting of the Food Chain Analysis Network

Camelia Bucatariu (FAO) and Simla Tokgoz (IFPRI), The Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

Anne-Laure Gassin (EU), Food waste prevention in Circular Economy Action Plan


Session 2. "What gets measured gets managed": quantifying food loss and waste in retail and processing

Jean Buzby (USDA-ERS), Food loss in US retail

Toine Timmermans (FUSIONS & REFRESH), Quantification of food loss resulting from FUSIONS and future work quantifying “resource flow”

Brian Lipinski (WRI), Food Loss and Waste Standard

David Rogers (WRAP), Measurement of business food waste

Felicitas Schneider, Food loss rates at the food retail in Austria

Antoine Vernier (ADEME, France), Food loss and waste: stock-taking and management along the food chain


Session 3. "Business maximises economic efficiency": supply chain initiatives to reduce food loss and waste

Clementine O'Connor (WRI) and Edd Colbert (Feedback), Food waste in horticultural supply chains in Mexico

Per-Hallvard Eliassen (Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food), Matvett’s experience on how collaboration has helped reduce food waste in better connecting production and retail

David Rogers (WRAP), The Courtauld Commitment: the UK experience of reducing food waste in the supply chain

Diane Taillard (GS1 Global Office), Reducing food waste at the point of sales

Jolanda Soons (Lamb Weston Meijer), Towards a sustainable potato supply chain – from vision to action


Session 4. "Innovation will fix it!": is innovation anecdotal or instrumental in reducing food waste?

Nicolas Chabanne, Les Gueules Cassées or how a collective solution diverted food from waste   

Felicitas Schneider, Retail activities to reduce food waste in Austria

Agathe Grossmith, (Carrefour), Tackling food wastage: a collective challenge

Irmelin Gram-Hanssen, (Østfoldforskning, Ostfold Research, Norway), Innovations in packaging  that have allowed to reduce food waste


Session 5. "Is there life after food?": the economic efficiency for retail and processing of recovery, downgrading, treatment and destruction of food loss and waste

Steve Lapidge (South Australian Research & Development Institute), Retail therapy - ensuring unsold food gets the treatment it needs

Irmelin Gram-Hanssen (Østfoldforskning, Ostfold Research, Norway), The Nordic Food Redistribution Project

Sophie Gillier (PERIFEM, French technical association for retail and trade), Seeking ways for food waste valorisation in the French retail sector

Guy Lannoy (EFFPA and VALORIA), Keeping food losses in the food chain through feed

Susanne Czech (European Retail Roundtable - ERRT), Limiting food waste - how retailers can contribute


Session 6. "Government response": is it well targeted and coherent?

David Brouque (Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry, France), The French National pact to fight against food waste

James Lomax (UNEP), Overview of the 10YFP sustainable food systems programme

Elise Golan (USDA, United States), Outlining the role for government in reducing food loss and waste in retail and processing in the United States

Matteo Vittuari (University of Bologna - FUSIONS PROJECT), Role of government in food waste reduction, the FUSIONS experience

Ryoko Kawai (MAFF, Japan), The policy developments on food waste reduction since 2013

Kris Roels (Government of Flanders – Belgium), Food supply chain roadmap – a public-private partnership to address food losses


Concluding Session

Stéphane Guilbert, (INRA, France), Challenging food waste reduction in urban settings – learnings from INRA’s foresight study







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