7th OECD Food Chain Network Meeting - October 2015


Information for participants

Venue: OECD Conference Centre, Room 2.

Date: 13-14 October 2015 (one and a half days).

Description: On 13 October, the second joint meeting of the Expert Group on the Economics of Prevention and of the FCAN will take place with a focus on “The Food Chain and Consumers”. On 14 October a.m., a roundtable discussion of the FCAN is organised under the theme “Encouraging Price Transparency along the Food Chain”.

RSVP: Please confirm your participation in the meeting with Ms. Özge Taneli-Ziemann (Ozge.Taneli-Ziemann@oecd.org) of the Secretariat.

Contact persons: Céline Giner (celine.giner@oecd.org) or Jonathan Brooks (jonathan.brooks@oecd.org)




Background Information


 OECD Project on Food Prices


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