4th OECD Food Chain Network Analysis Meeting, 20-21 June 2013


 Food Waste Along the Supply Chain

4th OECD Food Chain Analysis Network Meeting, 20-21 June 2013

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 Introductory Session: Sustainability of the food value chain: Setting the scene, issues and challenges

Elhadi Yahia and Camelia Bucatariu, FAO. Global initiative on food losses and food waste prevention and reduction (SAVE FOOD)

Chantal Bruetschy, European Commission. Food wastage in the EU: prevention and reduction in the food chain  without compromising food safety

Joop Kleibeuker, FoodDrinkEurope/European Dairy Association. Towards Food Wastage Reduction: The European Food Industry Perspective

Tristram Stuart, Feeding the 5000. The Pig Idea


 Session 1: Empirical evidence on levels and trends of food waste and loss in OECD member economies and China

Jean Buzby, Economic Research Service, USDA, United States. Estimated Food Loss at the Retail and Consumer Levels in the United States

Juha-Matti Katajajuuri, MTT Agrifood Research, Finland. Food waste and related climate impacts in the Finnish food chain

Clementine O'Connor, BIO Intelligence Service. Quantification of food waste in the EU

Morvarid Bagherzadeh, OECDand Gang Liu, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. OECD project on food waste


Session 2: Reducing food waste and loss

Kris Roels, Flemish Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Reducing food losses in a chain perspective – the case of Flanders

Toine Timmermans, FUSIONS/Wageningen UR. FUSIONS: reducing food waste through social innovation  

Javiera Charad, Nestle. Avoiding food wastage from farm to consumers

Andy Dawe, WRAP. Preventing waste from farm to fork in the UK


 Session 3. Food re-use and recovery

Piet Nell, Provalor BV. Making money from vegetable remnants (waste)

Jeffrey Klein, The Global FoodBanking Network. The dual virtues of food banking

Simon Eisner, Allwin Ltd, Sweden. How to turn food waste into a win-win-win for society, businesses and the environment


 Session 4. Recycling food waste and loss

Nina Sweet, WRAP. Treatment and recycling of food waste

Akikuni Ushikubo, Tokyo University of Information Sciences.Recycling of food waste in Japan


 Session 5. Government strategies and actions on food waste

Ulrike Franke, Swedish Board of Agriculture. Food Waste in Sweden

Alicia Crespo, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain. Spanish Strategy. More food; less waste

Asako Nagano, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan. Control of food waste generation and food recycling system in Japan

Perrine Coulomb, Ministry of Agriculture, Agro Food and Forestry, France. French National Pact to Fight Against Food Waste

Hartmut Schrör, European Commission – Eurostat. EU data collection on food waste

Iva Miranda Pires,FCSH-Universidade Nova de Lisboa/CESTRAS, Portugal. Food Waste in Portugal: a pilot research


 Special workshop on quantifying the impacts of food waste

Koki Okawa, Agricultural Trade and Markets, OECD. Modelling work on food waste

Roger Martini, Fisheries, OECD. Quantifying food waste

Rob Dellink, Environmental Modelling and Outlooks, OECD. OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050: The Consequences of Inaction

Martine Rutten, Wageningen UR. Modelling the impacts of reducing food losses and waste: lessons from theory and applications with the MAGNET model

Clément Tostivint, BIO Intelligence Service.


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