The OECD Food Chain Network is a platform for dialogue, analytical work and policy experiences on issues of relevance to the food chain, such as sustainability, health, competition, and transparency among others.

The Network brings together government officials, industry stakeholders, NGOs, other IGOs and academic experts. Industry participation is coordinated through the OECD Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) with efforts to engage more of the downstream distribution and retail actors.


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6th OECD Food Chain Analysis Network Meeting
13-14 October 2014, Paris
Public-Private partnerships for agricultural innovation


13 October 2014



Session 1: Opportunities and challenges for PPPs

Session 2: Enabling PPPs


  • Public-Private Partnerships in the agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System: French initiatives, Corinne Bitaud, General Directorate for Education and Research, French Ministry of Agriculture, Agro-Food and Forestry.

  • Syngenta collaboration for agriculture sustainability, Varun Vats, Public Policy and Partnership Manager, Syngenta.

Session 3: Governance and implementation of PPPs

  • New Vision for Agri-Food Development in Mexico (VIDA), Adriana Herrera, General Coordinator of International Trade Negotiations, Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA) and Enrique Merigo, Private Sector Representative, Consejo Nacional Agropecuario (Agrofood National Council of Mexico). [Videoconference]


  • Collaboration platforms in Finland, Anu Harkki, MTT Finland.


  • TIP Strategic Public-Private Partnerships in Science, Technology and Innovation, Tomomi Watanabe, OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation.


  • Innovation and Action Program: Greenhouse as a Source of Energy, Jolanda Mourits, Senior Policy Officer, Project Team, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.


  • Australia’s Food Systems Innovation project, Andy Hall, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia


14 October 2014

(Session 3 - continued - )

Session 4: PPPs for technology transfer and diffusion of innovation



Session 5: Conclusions and way forward

 Panel discussion on main recommendations to policy makers





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