8th regional seminar: corruption prevention


The prevention of corruption is unquestionably a key component of a successful anti-corruption strategy. Accordingly, the Initiative's Steering Group held its 8th regional seminar on corruption prevention. The purpose of the seminar was to provide a forum for countries in the Asia and the Pacific to showcase and to spread good practices in corruption prevention. The seminar was held on 25-26 March 2009 and was hosted by the Commission Against Corruption Macao (CCAC).

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PowerPoint presentations in the 8th regional seminar

Session 1 The role of preventive measures in the fight against corruption

  Johanna Joerges, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ): Preventing Corruption through Implementation of UNCAC Chapter II - What Technical Assistance Can Do

  William LooOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): The Role of OECD Anti-Bribery Instruments in Preventing Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions

  Geo Sung Kim, Transparency International - Korea: The Role of Civil Society in the Fight Against Corruption

  Diane Kohn, U.S. Department of State:  What won't be covered in the workshop (conflict of interest, legal measures, administrative measures, whistleblower protection, assets declaration


Session 2 Media - Getting the message out!

  Iftekhar Zaman, Transparency International, Bangladesh: Using multimedia to strengthen demand and commitment for anticorruption

  Tobgye, Anti-Corruption Commission,Bhutan: Media Education on Anti-corruption in Bhutan

  Eko Soesamto Tjiptadi, Corruption Eradication Commission, Indonesia: Media Campaign and Education for Anti-Corruption Awareness

  Zhichao Mei, Ministry of Supervision, People's Republic of China: Corruption Prevention Measures during the Beijing Olympics

  Dr. Samuel Paul, Public Affairs Centre, BangaloreThe right to information can plan an important role in preventing corruption and increasing accountability as can the media


Session 3 Preparing a media of communication plan / strategy

  Bart Edes, Asian Development Bank: Preparing an Anti-Corruption Communications Strategy


Session 4 Education initiatives - changing minds

  Rohaizad Yaacob, Assistant Commissioner, Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission: Global Commitment towards Anti-Corruption Capacity Building

  Samson Chan, College of Humanities and Law, Hong Kong University: Hong Kong University Anti-Corruption Programme

  Ho Ioc San, Fanny, Commission Against Corruption Macao: Education Initiatives - Changing Minds 


Session 5 Engaging with the private sector and civil society

  Joy Aceron, Ateneo School of Government, Philippines: The Text Book Count project

  Dr. Samuel Paul, Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore: Citizen report cards

  Geo-Sung Kim, Transparency International-Korea: How to Overcome Short-termism in Anti-Corruption Strategy: Youth Integrity Promotion

  Redempto Parafina, Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia Pacific (ANSA-EAP): Regional Networking for Social Accountability


Session 6 Reaching out - working across government to prevent corruption

  Hyungsok Kwok, Anti-Corruption International Cooperation Division, Korea: Corruption Impact Assessment: Assessing and eliminating corruption risks

  Dorothy Tam Cheung, ICAC, Hong Kong:  Producing Integrity in the Civil Service

  Teo Chee Khiang, Auditor General's Office, Singapore: Singapore's National Framework



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