6th regional seminar: asset recovery and mutual legal assistance


Bringing the corrupt to justice and recovering the proceeds of corruption have become more challenging as people and assets cross borders with ever greater ease. Law enforcement authorities in corruption cases increasingly depend on international cooperation to gather evidence and recover proceeds of corruption. At present, many requests for mutual legal assistance (MLA) and asset recovery remain unsuccessful due to defects in frameworks or practice for MLA and asset recovery.
To address these defects, the Initiative’s 25 member countries conducted a thorough review on their frameworks and practice in this area in 2006-2007. To exchange experience among practitioners throughout the region, enhance implementation capacity, and to build networks among officials involved in granting and requesting mutual legal assistance, the Initiative also organized a training seminar in March 2006 and a follow-up seminar on asset recovery and mutual legal assistance in September 2007.

The technical seminar sought to encourage policy developments related to the provision of prompt and effective legal assistance in Asia and Pacific and globally, including to State Parties to the UN and OECD Conventions and thus enhance the overall performance of the two instruments. The training seminar was hosted by the Corruption Eradication Commission of Indonesia (KPK) and is organized in partnership with the Basel Institute on Governance.


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list of participants 

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