1st Training Seminar: Effective Prosecution of Corruption


Prosecution of corruption is a particularly difficult endeavor and success in this field is still too rare. The detection rate is often low due to the lack of verifiable information. Particular difficulties arise when an investigation involves prominent politicians and wealthy businessmen, or when dealing with international bribery cases that require the assistance from foreign jurisdictions in order to collect evidence. Shortcomings that are at the root of these problems can be found at legislative level. In addition, many law enforcement agencies are technically not apt to successfully deal with complex crimes such as corruption.

The training seminar, held on 11-13 February 2003 in Ghaziabad, India, and hosted by the Government of India, assembled 32 representatives of prosecution agencies and specialized investigation units from 14 countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

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 Proceedings: Effective Prosecution of Corruption (2003)

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