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Managing Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest (COI) is recognized as a key factor contributing to corruption in its myriad forms. However, policies and regulatory frameworks to detect and manage COIs are weak in many countries. Conscious of the urgent need to strengthen these frameworks, the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission and the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia and the Pacific called for a technical seminar to gain insights on the challenges that face countries in this area, and to share solutions and good practices to address corruption arising from COIs.
This book captures the analyses and conclusions drawn during the seminar Conflict of Interest: A Fundamental Anti-Corruption Concept, which was held on 6–7 August 2007, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The seminar brought together experts from across the globe and 23 of the 28 Asia-Pacific member countries
and jurisdictions. This publication aims to serve as a resource for both practitioners and policy makers to support the development of new frameworks, tools, and instruments for detecting and manage COIs in order to curb corruption in the Asia and Pacific region.

 Managing Conflict of Interest. ADB/OECD. Manila. 2008. ISBN 978-971-561-688-1.

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