Fighting Bribery in Public Procurement: Proceedings



Fighting Bribery in Public Procurement in Asia and the Pacific


Public procurement accounts for about 20% of government expenditure worldwide. In many countries, one-quarter or more of this amount is estimated to be lost to corruption. Complex procedures, broad discretion, weak oversight, and limited implementation capacity are among the main reasons for this enormous loss of public resources to corruption.
Asian-Pacific countries have made significant efforts to address weaknesses in their procurement frameworks and practices. To support these efforts and to assist the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative’s 28 member countries in strengthening their public procurement mechanisms, the Initiative conducted a Regional Seminar on Fighting Bribery in Public Procurement in November 2007. This seminar follows earlier work by the Initiative in this  area, notably a thematic review of public procurement frameworks and practices in Asia and the Pacific conducted in 2005/2006, and a regional seminar held in 2004.
This volume compiles the experience that experts from Asian and Pacific countries – as well as beyond the region – shared during the seminar. It is addressed to policy makers and experts who wish to learn from other countries’ experiences in strengthening frameworks to protect public procurement from bribery and corruption risks.


 Fighting Bribery in Public Procurement in Asia and the Pacific . ADB/OECD. Paris. 2008. ISBN 978-92-64-04694-8.

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