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STES Administrative Data overview: 7. Handbooks or general papers


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1. Administrative data papers relevant to short-term economic statistics

Use and editing of administrative data in the business indicators unit Statistics New Zealand (2005)

Use of administrative data at Statistics Finland (ppt) Statistics Finland

The Canadian integrated approach to economic surveys Statistics Canada (2005)

2. More general administrative data papers

Maintaining partnerships with other Canadian government departments Statistics Canada (2008)


The use of administrative data in the production of structural business statistics in Portugal - the creation of the IES Statistics Portugal (2007)


A statistical architecture for a new century Statistics New Zealand (2008)


Developing the prototype longitudinal business database: New Zealand's experience Statistics New Zealand (2008)


Finnish SBS system; use of administrative data, methods and process Statistics Finland (2007)


Use of the administrative data in structural business statistics in Poland Central Statistical Office of Poland (2007)


Statistics Finland 2007: Seminar on Registers in Statistics


Turning administrative systems into information systems Internal Revenue Service, United States

Statistical information from administrative records in the federal tax system Internal Revenue Service, United States

The 1998 gift tax panel study: Using the IRS returns transaction file as a sample frame Internal Revenue Service, United States

Compilation and presentation of labour statistics based on administrative records ILO (1997)

Use of registers and administrative data sources for statistical purposes; Best practices of Statistics Finland Statistics Finland (2004)

Use of administrative sources for business statistics purposes; Handbook of good practice Eurostat

Business register recommendations manual Chapter 20: The use of administrative sources Eurostat (2002)

Measuring labor dynamics: the next generation in labor market information  Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States (2004)

Statistical operations and studies in the SOI program of the IRS Internal Revenue Service Internal Revenue Service, United States (2001)

The experiences of ABS with reducing respondent burden through the use of administrative data and through the use of smarter statistical methodologies Australian Bureau of Statistics (2005)


Working towards a greater use of tax data in Statistics Canada Statistics Canada


Issues in the use of administrative records for statistical purposes Statistics Canada (1987)

We must use administrative data for official statistics – but how should we use them? ILO (1995)


Confidentiality in the use of administrative data sources Statistics Finland (1996)

Statistical uses of social security administrative data Social Security Administration, United States


Use of tax data: an application of goods and services tax (GST) data Statistics Canada (2003)


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