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STES Administrative Data overview: 5. Quality, timeliness and coverage


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1. Administrative data papers relevant to short-term economic statistics

Monthly survey of manufacturing: use of administrative data Statistics Canada (2004)


Use of administrative data in modelling of the monthly survey data Statistics Canada (2003)


Use of GST data in Statistics Canada sub-annual surveys Statistics Canada (2007)


The VAT data in short term business statistics Statistics Finland (2007)


Possibilities to use the VAT data for production of short-term statistics Statistics Estonia (2007)


The VAT data in short term business statistics Statistics Finland (2007)

Changes to the quarterly wholesale trade survey Statistics New Zealand (2002)

Changes to the quarterly economic survey of manufacturing Statistics New Zealand (2001)

Changes to the monthly retail trade survey Statistics New Zealand (2003)


Using administrative data in short-term statistics Statistics New Zealand (2003)

Retail trade survey – implementation of new survey design Statistics New Zealand (2004)


Country-stratified European sample for retail trade index, Finland Statistics Finland (2004)


Turnover in other services and production in construction, Improvement of timeliness: final report Statistics Finland (2004)

Turnover in other services, Final technical implementation report Statistics Sweden (2005)


Impact of the use of administrative data and new surveys on short-term business statistics in the services sectors in Germany Federal Statistical Office of Germany


Konjunkturstatistik Handel und Dienstleistungen - neue Konzepte Statistics Austria (2004) (in German with an English summary)


Turnover in other services: final report Statistics Austria 

STES Timeliness Framework: Direct Use of Administrative data for Short-Term Statistics

2. More general administrative data papers

Pros and cons for using administrative records in statistical bureaus Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel (2007)

The impact of dropping the business area sample as a means of covering birth employers and nonemployers in the current business surveys US Bureau of Census


Proxies in administrative records surveys Internal Revenue Service, United States (2002)

A framework for assessing and reporting the quality of information provided by the neighbourhood statistics service Office for National Statistics


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