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STES Administrative Data overview: 3. Data or partial data substitution


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1. Administrative data papers relevant to short-term economic statistics


Administrative data in Statistics Finland's business register and enterprise groups register Statistics Finland  
Statistics Finland (2007)


Use of the tax data for the purposes of short-term statistics Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (2007)

Data sources used in the production of short term business statistics (ppt) Statistics Finland

Compilation methods of short-term turnover and wage sum statistics (ppt) Statistics Finland


Use of the Ministry of Labour’s contribution accounts register for INE’s quarterly labours costs survey Instituto Nacional de Estadistica


Use of administrative data for short-term statistics on employment, wages and labour cost ISTAT (Istituto Nazionale di Statistica) (2003)


Use of GST data by the monthly survey of manufacturing Statistics Canada


Statistical Use of Goods and Services Tax Data in Statistics Canada's Monthly Economic Surveys  Statistics Canada (2007)


Monthly Survey of Manufacturing: Use of Administrative Data  Statistics Canada (2004)


Use of Administrative Data in Modelling of the Monthly Survey Data  Statistics Canada (2003)


Use of GST Data in Statistics Canada Sub-Annual Surveys  Statistics Canada (2007)

2. More general administrative data papers

Impact of administrative data on business statistics Statistics Lithuania (2007)


Administrative data and registers in EU-SILC Statistics Slovenia (2007)

Using administrative data in lieu of survey responses for small businesses US Bureau of Census

CEFIL Quality aspects and approaches in business statistics (ppt) Statistik Austria (2005)

Final report: register-based implementation of the EU regulation concerning short-term statistics in the service sector (NACE sections I and K) Federal Statistical Office of Germany (2003)


The IRS population count: an update Internal Revenue Service, United States


How well can the IRS count the population? Internal Revenue Service, United States


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