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STES Administrative Data overview: 1. Direct use in register and register estimation


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1. Administrative data papers relevant to short-term economic statistics


Administrative data in Swedish SBS Statistics Sweden (2007)


Administrative data in Statistics Finland's business register and enterprise groups register Statistics Finland (2007)

Use of administrative data to maintain the Statistics New Zealand business frame and the economic statistics programmes Statistics New Zealand


SAMU: the system for co-ordination of frame populations and samples from the business register at Statistics Sweden Statistics Sweden (2003)

2. More general administrative data papers

Quality control of Dutch administrative registers: an inventory of quality aspects Statistics Netherlands (2007)

Integration of external data from tax and public accounts in the Spanish central business register INE, Spain (2002)


Sub-sample design for the United States advanced retail trade estimates (2003)


Imputation methods, sample design and estimation for the BLS job openings and labor turnover survey US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2001)


Use of administrative data in the Canadian employment, payroll and hours survey Statistics Canada (2001)


Model based estimates of construction industry output using administrative data at ISTAT ISTAT (2003)


Developments in data editing, imputation, respondent follow up and using VAT data at Statistics Netherlands Statistics Netherlands (2003)


Quality vs timeliness tradeoffs in the BLS ES-202 administrative statistics US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2002)


Action plan to improve timeliness for the French industrial production index which uses administrative data INSEE (2001)


Benchmarking state labour force estimates in the United States US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2005)


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