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OECD Workshop on Productivity Measurement Organised Jointly with Fundacion BBVA and Ivie, Madrid, Spain, 17-19 October 2005


A growing number of statistical offices in the OECD area have recently become engaged in the measurement of productivity. This work is raising many new questions for measurement, including the possible approaches to developing measures of aggregate productivity performance, as well as issues related to productivity measurement in specific sectors of the economy. To support statistical offices in this work, take stock of work that is currently underway in OECD countries, and enhance the international comparability of productivity measures, OECD is organising a workshop on productivity measurement in October 2005.


Venue: 17-19 October 2005, Fundacion BBVA, Paseo Recoletos 10, 28001 Madrid, Spain


Draft Agenda (as of 14th October 2005)


Monday 17 October 2005, 9h30

Session 1 (9.30-13.00): Productivity Growth in Spain
Chair: Francisco Pérez Garcia (Universidad de Valencia & Ivie, Spain)

1.  The challenges for increasing productivity growth in Spain
 Keynote address 
Mr. David Vegara, Secretary of State of Economic Affairs, Spanish National Government

2.  A quantification of productivity growth in Spain 1985-2002 (pdf)
Matilde Mas and Javier Quesada (Universitad de València & Instituto Valanciano de Investigaciones Economicas - Ivie, Spain) 

3.  An international comparative perspective on productivity growth in Spain (pdf)
Dirk Pilat (OECD) 

4.  Enhancing productivity growth in Spain
Presentations by representatives of Bank of Spain (Eloisa Ortega), Universidad de València & Ivie (Javier Quesada) and Universidad Complutense (Jose Antonio Herce) and by the Spanish Ambassador to the OECD, Fernando Ballestero

Session 2 (14.30-15.30): Roundtable on "The State of Productivity Measurement"
Chair: Paul Schreyer (OECD) 

5.  This session provides a short overview on the state of productivity measurement in OECD countries, in the form of a 'tour de table' and on the basis of a small survey conducted by the OECD 

Session 3 (16.00-18.00): Quarterly productivity estimates
Chair: Philippe Stauffer (Office fédéral de la Statistique, Switzerland) 

6.  Annual and quarterly productivity measures (pdf)
Bert Balk (Statistics Netherlands and RSM Erasmus University) 

7.  U.S. quarterly productivity measures: current approach and possible enhancement (pdf)
Lucy Eldridge, Marilyn Manser and Phyllis Otto (Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA)

8.  Sources for quarterly labour productivity data for the euro area (pdf)
Wim Haine and Andrew Kanutin (European Central Bank)

Dinner hosted by Fundacion BBVA


Tuesday 18 October 2005 

Session 4 (9.30 - 13.00): Measuring factor input
Chair: John Baldwin (Statistics Canada)


- Measuring hours worked in French National Accounts 'Benchmark 2000' (pdf)
Measuring Employment Series in French National Accounts "Benchmark 2008" Institutional Sectors and Individual Database "Dads" (pdf)

Alain Gallais (INSEE, France)

10.  Labour productivity based on integrated labour accounts - does it make any difference? (pdf)
Henrik Sejerbo Sorensen and Kamilla Heurlen (Statistics Denmark)

11.  Measuring labour input growth and productivity: a method differentiated by type of employment and labour compensation (pdf)
Antonella Baldassarini and Nadia Di Veroli (ISTAT, Italy)

12. The development of productivity accounts in the Netherlands (pdf)
Mark de Haan, Bert Balk, Dirk van den Bergen, Hans Langenberg (Statistics Netherlands)

Session 4 continued (14.30 - 16.00): Measuring factor input
Chair: John Baldwin (Statistics Canada)

13.  Alternative estimates of capital input in productivity measures: a sensitivity analysis for the Italian economy over 1980-2003 (pdf)
Massimiliano Iommi and Cecilia Jona-Lasinio (ISTAT, Italy) 

14.  International comparisons of levels of capital productivity (pdf)
Paul Schreyer (OECD)

15. Estimating depreciation rates for the productivity accounts (pdf)
John Baldwin (Statistics Canada)

Session 5 (16.30-18.00): New projects in productivity measurement
Chair: Dirk Pilat (OECD)  

16. Preliminary results from RIETI's Asian KLEMS project (pdf)
Kazu Motohashi (University of Tokyo, Japan)

17. EU-KLEMS Project (pdf)
Bart van Ark (Groningen University, Netherlands)

Visit to the Prado Museum


Wednesday 19 October 2005, 9h30

Session 5 continued (9.30-11.00): New projects in productivity measurement  

18. Economic growth in Sweden: new measurements (zip)
Hans-Olof Hagen (Statistics Sweden)

19. Modeling Aggregate TFP at a disaggregate level: a sectoral approach to analyzing and estimating recent productivity growth (pdf)
Eric J. Bartelsman (Free University of Amsterdam), Carol Corrado and Paul Lengermann (Federal Reserve Board, USA)  

Session 6 (11.30-13.00): Panel discussion - conclusions and future orientations

Chair: Dirk Pilat (OECD)

John Baldwin (Statistics Canada)
Bernd Görzig (DIW - German Institute for Economic Research)
Marc de Haan (Central Bureau of Statistics Netherlands)
Marilyn Manser (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Carl Obst (Australian Bureau of Statistics)


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