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Working Party on Financial Statistics, 13-14 October 2008


Participants list - 13 October
Participants list - 14 October

Summary record of the WPFS:  COM/STD/DAF/M(2008)1

List of participants


In line with OECD policy to reduce paper consumption, delegates are invited to download the papers from this location and bring them to the meeting. Only a very limited number of paper copies will be made available at the meeting for those delegates who could not bring meeeting documents with them.

Draft Agenda of the WPFS
(as of 22 October 2008)

Monday 13 – Tuesday 14 October 2008

Morning 9:30 a.m. – 12:45 a.m. – Afternoon 2:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.


October 13:  Chair:  Patrick O’Hagan

  Election of the bureau (following a call for new Members of the Bureau)  
  Programme of work 2009-2010 (for discussion an decision)

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  Adoption of the draft agenda


  Adoption of the summary record of the last meeting



Development and analysis financial accounts data

A.  Financial accounts and financial balance sheets (for discussion and decision)
     •  report on the OECD Financial Accounts databases: current situation and replies to the quality survey (M. Chavoix-Mannato, OECD)
     •  Use of financial accounts by analysts and policy-makers (countries’ contributions):
        -- National balance sheets in Israel: methods and uses (Noemi Frisch Zachman, Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel)
        --  National wealth and financial development – a secular view (Teresa Sbano, Pioneer Investments)

B. Households’ assets (for discussion)
     •  Progress report on the OECD Household Assets database and possible uses of this data collection (I. Ynesta, OECD)
     •  Analysis of the wealth of households in OECD countries (countries’ contributions):
        --  Do Financial Systems Converge? New Evidence from Household Financial Assets in the Main OECD Countries (R. De Bonis, Bank of Italy)
        --  The Analysis of Household Wealth and Associated Risks with and beyond National Accounts (D. Marionnet and Julia Guérin, Banque de France)

        --  Importance of Measuring Household Liability Details and Net Worth (Susan Hume McIntosh, US Federal Reserve Board)




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 2.   Methodology and Development
Securitisation (for discussion)
     • The state of art of the work on securitisation, in the European System of Central Banks (Jean-Marc Israel, ECB)
     • The state of art of the work on securitisation in the OECD countries (Beatriz Sanz, Bank of Spain):
        --  updated version of the last year paper (a short reference)
        --  discussion of the new questionnaire   


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Development and Analysis of other financial statistics
Bank Profitability (for discussion and decision)
     • Proposals for a revision of OECD banking statistics and indicators (based on IAI/IFRS and IMF/FSI) (H. Atasoy, consultant and M. Chavoix-Mannato, OECD)



COM/STD/DAF(2008)9 - ppt




14 October 2008 (common day with WPNA)  
Working Party on National Accounts 



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